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Hello ,

I create one App using card view and link with this using Sheet DB API. I linked all the card layout appropriately , but it’s unable to fetch images from google sheet …

Please note , it was visible earlier , but only when I tried adding action ,the images did not show up. Image is the column from Google sheet and contains links for images.



Hi @Alok.Behria,

Did you tried deleting the magic text in the card list and adding the image URL from magic text again in there?

Is it possible to share a screenshot of the sheet that you have connected?

Thank you

Thanks , It worked as per your suggestion. I now want to create action to each of card components to map it to different fields in google … Let me try doing this …

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Again found one issue wherein, I tried to link my second collection to new screen , but I am unable to see the columns from “Stock Pick” while I try to link to new screen.


Awesome and your welcome!

You mean after linking can’t get current data? Is it possible to explain the issue a bit more?

I really appreciate your help here and here , what I like to do is to create an action while clicking the “Stock Pick” card layout which should take me to different screen and should able to show me data from different Google sheet… I created 2 collections here one is Menu and second is stock pick which is separate sheet.

One more question, since I am using sheet DB where I can only create 2 Collections and I am just wondering if I can use Google Sheet API( within Adalo as I used Sheet DB.


Google sheet and want to display data shown in below screen shot.


So different item different collections? Why is that? You can use a one collection for all the items right?

With a external collection we can’t get the data that Google returns due to a limitation as far as I’m aware and Adalo is working on that. Creating, Updating, Deleting is possible with a custom action.

Yes, I can use it without any issue.

It’s good that this already in pipeline as this will surely cut down cost for people like me who are trying to build App using Google sheet. I can use Adalo’s local database and reason of using google sheet is to get updated ticks of stocks and if this can be achieved using Adalo then I can live without sheet.

Sorry for delayed response as I am working professional.


Hello Dilon,
Please let me know your thoughts on this.

“Get updated ticks for stores” means that the stores need to update with some external info? You could use something like Integromat, Zapier?

And yeah if Adalo adds the ability to connect Google sheets, Airtable, Xano and some other databases directly by just selecting the sheet, table and without connecting them with external collections that would be great! This would be super duper cool!

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