Image picker and text field

hi, basically i have made an app for personal trainers, and there is a back end which trainers can go in and update pictures and text that will show on the general home page for their clients, but i have a problem,
1- i have used an image picker for the trainers to upload a image and the image goes in to a database called images.
2- i have used a text field for the trainers to enter text and it will save in the database too,

but the problem is that the images and text aren’t showing on the front page, as soon as they click the save button and it goes to the database it does nothing else, i have set up the image source and text source to come from the appropriate place but it still does not show

eg. the image picker is called “main home screen image”, and the image box on the home screen is instructed to use the image from this but it does not work…

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