Can someone solve this? How to add images from image picker to a database list

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I’m fairly new to Adalo and i’m trying to build an app that is basicly a to-do list with picture that prove the task has been done.

I’m having trouble to associate a picture to a specific entry on a list. I’ve tried to add an image picker but when i upload one picture, it applies de same picture to every entry.

I also tried to work around this by creating a button/icon that when pressed would create a new “pictures” database that i previously created that only has images as property:

But what happens is that i upload the image with the image picture, and when i press the button to create a new database using the image picker image as the list’s entry, the image just disappears from the image picker,

Can anyone crack this one for me please?

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Hi @adjectivo,

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So you come to this screen after you create the task? Could you explain your setup a bit more with a video or with some screenshots?

Thank you

Hi @dilon_perera i managed to work around it eventually.

I’m now stuck into trying to figure out how to export the contents of the list when all tasks are done, including images added through image picker onto the list.

Is there a way to upload them to, for example, a google drive or a next cloud account?

I’ve tried it with zappier but i’m not really sure how it works. I would like the whole collection/list to be uploaded in the end. I’ve found that i can export the cvs file, but this file doesn’t show the images.

Do you know how to solve this one?

Best regards!