Image picker issue: empty images

Hi all,

about 1 in 5 uploads from the image picker results in an ‘empty / blank’ image for my users (see below).

I think this is due to to pressing the form submit button before some loading action is finished, but I can find no way to prevent users from ‘being to fast’.

Do you know of a fix or workaround for this?

As my app is quite user-content heavy (10’s-100’s of photo’s per user) this is a major issue for me.



On the form, is the image a required field? Doesn’t that make sure it’s loaded?

The image pickers are all in custom forms. Is there a way to make fields in custom forms required?
Used to be not possible.

btw I can and do work with conditions based on whether a photo is added in the image picker. But this triggers on photo selection - not upload complete.

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