Image Picker - Camera only / block gallery?

Hi, I’m building a form where users upload images as a part of their evidence.

I need to restrict the ability for the user to choose an image from the gallery and I also need to restrict video. Only images taken from the camera is to be allowed.

The image picker tool appears to not have the ability to add these restrictions.

Does anyone have any comments of suggestions how to achieve this?

If users can choose from the gallery then it will allow them to choose evidence from a previous day so it won’t be authentic.

Hi @furmconsulting,

As far as I’m aware, this is not possible! You can request it here! : Feature Requests | Adalo

I guess this component made by @gskachkov would suitable for you. Not sure maybe he can confirm?

Thank you

Yes, @dilon_perera is correct.
I have photo camera component for Adalo, you can install and test it from Adalo Component Marketplace

Why can’t I find and install this from the Marketplace itself inside of Adalo?

To release Adalo market place it should support Web, iOS and Android. I’m building such component but it takes time to make it in right way to pass review process.

You can test it for free and decide if it solves your problem.

Thanks for that, how can I test it for free???

Just install from Adalo Component Marketplace

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