Not uploading photos

Hi there!
I have created app and everything is working fine on Adalo preview mode, but when I download the app from Test Flight on ios, photos uploading are not working. I have also bought one component, so that users can take photo only from their camera, but it is not possible to open. Do you know how to solve this?
Will be grateful for every given answer!

Hi @vane,

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What’s the component you are using? Did you allowed the the camera permission in the app when it was asked?

Thank you

hi @dilon_perera I have bought the component, so that you can choose if you want user to access direct camera, problem is that even when I try to upload profile picture, it is not showing. Do you know maybe how can I enable to ask users to access their photos?

You mean this component? Or the Image picker that adalo gives us?

no, component was bought from nocode monkey, from their website

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