Issue with image selectors for camera in my Adalo application

Issue with image selectors for camera in my Adalo application

Dear Adalo community,

I have recently developed an application using Adalo for tailors, but I am encountering an issue with image selectors. When I use the image selector in my forms, I am unable to select an image from the device’s camera.

I have checked the application permissions and ensured that the image selector settings are correctly configured. However, the problem persists, and I am unable to allow users to choose an image directly from the camera.

I am aware that this feature is important for the users of my application, as they need to be able to capture real-time photos to associate with their orders.

I have tested my application on different devices and browsers, but the issue consistently occurs across all devices.

I am currently stuck and would appreciate assistance from the Adalo community to resolve this problem. If anyone has encountered a similar situation or has knowledge about image selectors in Adalo, I would greatly appreciate any ideas, suggestions, or potential solutions you could share.

Any help or guidance would be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your support.

Best regards,

Does the app request photo permissions correctly from the user?