Image resizing possibilities?

For example, I have a journal app. My users can upload pics to highlight their entry. But I have it display more like an avatar tiny image anyways, and you can’t make it larger regardless.

I’m just curious when it comes to images for our apps, do we just eat the sizes or can we adjust them in a way, etc?

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How about Adalify? But I didn’t use it. If you have any questions about this you can ask them from @theadaloguy

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Hi @marklive,

You can either use a custom image upload workflow (mentioned in a previous post) or as an alternative you can use the ImgIX API to manipulate the images’ parameters. Adalo uses ImgIX as a CDN for images, so there are some interesting options available.
See here Rendering API | imgix Documentation.
I’ve also made a video some time ago: Adalo hints and tricks: Image manipulation with ImgIX - YouTube



Thanks for the shout out dilon. In the case of the adalify uploader your users can crop the image to make it a bit more suitable for an avatar style picture.

The other basic option on Adalo is just whether to use the crop to fill space option, or the show full image option.

Finally, there maybe image processing APIs, ones that could for example crop a suitable area around a face using AI. I didn’t explore this but I think there are options out there.


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