Photo cropping on uploaded images

Hi - I’ve been searching the forums and the internet for a while now; I can not seem to find a simple way to add a component that lets users crop photos.

I want my users to be able to crop their photos before or after they upload an image, but limit the crop dimensions to 1:1 (essentially, they are only allowed to crop a square portion of the image, not a rectangle).

Does anyone have any advice or step by step on how to do this? I checked Adalify but the way their uploader works is a bit complex.

Many thanks,


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There are lots of crop APIs out there, I just don’t know how to get any of them to work with Adalo

Try Adalify, @theadaloguy they have a good uploader.

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Hi Murad,

I don’t have any help with user cropping (although I would like to know).

What also might work for you is the features that Adalo’s image cdn has.
See: How to manipulate images in Adalo with ImgIX

I use this for almost all images now. For profile pics the face detection works very well. For example:


Hi Steven,

Thank you. I see, so you could pre-set a crop to be done on the centre of the image for example. Unfortunately, this will not do for what we are trying to achieve as the user needs to control where the crop happens.

A crop function seems like a straightforward request, do you know if anyone who could build this component?

Yes that’s correct. With the addition that imgix supports ‘smart’ crops that search for things like faces or other objects of interests.

I don’t. But am interested myself

Ok thank you. I’d be happy to discuss financing this component if anyone is reading this who is capable!

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