Image sizes before inspecting

It seems Adalo has figured out many many complex things to makes things much easier for the average user. But seems to skip over even the simplest things. For example when creating images for things such has the header why do I have to inspect the default image to figure out the size? And even so it stretches and crops

Can you explain further what you mean? What do you mean by “inspecting”?

What are you trying to achieve so I can tell you how to do it :slight_smile:

I should of been more descriptive, what I actually mean isn’t just images I mean elements in genera but it’s more frustrating when you’re trying to put an image on a screen.

What I mean is the drag and drop feature onto a screen doesn’t show the size. You have to guess for everything. So for another enable is you set the page width and then drag and drop a image that’s let’s say a banner. If the image element is 2/3rds of the screen width you have you do the math and see what 2/3rds would be

I apologize but I still do not really understand what exactly you are trying to do? Do you mean resizing an image before uploading it to the collection so that it is the right size for the component size?

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