Image slider autoplay doesn't work

Hi everyone, did some one find this problem? The autoplayer of the image slider don’t work exactly as it should: the dots slides but imagine doesn’t scroll. let me know if I’m the only one with this problem. I tried also on other device, but it still give me that error

Hi @Marino,

Are you testing with PWA or Native?

Is ti possible to record a video? I just tested one my app ( PWA ) and no issue!

Thank you

sure, I create a record, but I can’t upload it here, only jpeg, png o gif

You can upload it your Google Drive and make it as Public and send the link! Or you can use Loom!

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Thanks for the video! I don’t experience a issue like this! Try deleting the component and adding it again! What happens if you preview the app with your phone? If it’s the same best is to Submit a Support Ticket!