BUG ALERT - Image slider autoplay

Hi guys,

I’m using the image slider in my app from a few days ago but today when I see the autoplay option, I enabled that & after that when I export my build to test in my device, my app stops working, every time I hit login button android push the message that your app stops working - CLOSE THE APP / REOPEN APP

I can’t able to login now even I deleted the image slider & exported the app but it still fails & again I integrated in my app but still same error I’m facing, Anyone faced this type of problem earlier if yes how you fixed it, please let me know.

Submit a ticket here:

I have the same issue

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Now today image slider click actions not working suddenly stops working, Adalo are you listening to anything. A lot of issues I’m facing from 2-3 days continuously, here is the list -

  1. Image slider autoplay option arising issue in build failing.
  2. Image slider click actions not working from today
  3. I can’t able to swipe left or right in the image slider
  4. Youtube component stops working (Reason Youtube refuse to connect) - Youtube component not working

Please resolve ASAP @ashley @Colin

We are aware of the imageslider issues and we are already working on a solution. Sometimes these solutions require some time to resolve, test and release.


Thanks for replying to me, please let me know once it is resolved.

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