Slider query: Cant seem to link to correct collection/property

Hi All,

Its my first time using the Slider Component, and it seems quite straight forward - but I cant seem to link it to any other property other than Logged in user? Is this a bug? Please see attached.

I have several collections which have a Number property which I was hoping to link to the slider, but I cant get it to work as the only option it allows is Logged in user?

I’m hoping that my users could rate various collections using the slider, which in turn could be used in a nested filter for another list (hope that makes sense).

Any help/tips would be much appreciated,

(PS I’m relatively new to Adalo so sorry if this is a silly question)

Hi @Roland,

You can only connect other collections properties if that collection data is available on that screen. Like if you are coming from a screen that has a list and then if that collection has a number property you can connect that property on this screen’s slider! If you are coming from a screen clicking on a button then you don’t get any data expect if you make the button a list and coming to this screen. In there you need to create the record and then link it to this screen and then you can update that record in this screen!

Or the easy solution will be create a number property on the Users collection and then connect that to the slider and on the create action add that logged in user’s > number property to that field and clear that property after creating with a update action.

Check this thread : Slider shows NOTHING AVAILABLE for Property to Adjust

Hope this helps!

Thank you

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