Image Slider - not showing relevant photos

I’m creating property info on the app and trying to have photo slider but it either shows no photos or random photos from all the properties.

I’ve installed Image Slider, created separate Collection for photos, linked to the property collection to the photo Collection. In the Image Slider, I have selected as shown on the screenshot. I’ve tried many ways but it is still now showing anything or incorrect photos. Please help! Thanks

hi @YourLettingsUK,

I believe it is only a problem with the type of relationship between your datasets: you need a one to many relationship between property and photos collections so that each property can have many photos but each photo belongs to one property. Your screenshot shows that you have a many to many relationship.

I did try it out and it worked fine:

Hi @Hanan
Thank you very much for your reply. I believe that’s what I have done…
So I have created “House Photos” Collection for photos. Under “House” Collection, I’ve added Relationship to “House Photos” by choosing the top option (as screenshot)

Then I have updated the Record under “House” to link to each relevant photos of “House Photos”

Have I done something wrong here…?

It’s possible that you’re not sending the data to the screen from a list. Click on the actual screen where the image slider is located and check the ‘available data’ tab.

Like this:

This ‘Create Campaign 3’ screen has both current campaign status and current campaign available to use.

Hi, thank you very much for your reply. I wanted to show what’s happening on my screen so please check my recorded video:

Please advise what I need to do to link “House Photos” to Current House data correctly… Many thanks!

Hi @YourLettingsUK,

The House Data has linked correctly but I believe that you don’t have a relationship between the Houses collection and House Photos collection! Create a One to Many relationship between the House photos collection and Houses collection and add the house for that photo inside the House Photos collection!

Made a quick video :

Thank you

Thank you very much Dilon. I have now sorted the issue.
I’ve shown Ben from Adalo a video of my screen and he advised me the followings which solved my problem :slightly_smiling_face:

Ahh. I see now what is happening It looks like you have a single record with all of your photos for each house. For the image slider to work, you actually need an individual record for EACH photo you want to display, and relate each of those records to the correct house. Then you will select the property where the image is located in each of those records.

Thanks everyone!

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