Image spacing question

I’m creating a screen that has an image above some dynamic text fields (see below). The image is dynamic, and the record being displayed may or may not have one. The image is set to not display if there is no image. It mostly works, except that when there is no image there is a blank space the dimensions of where the image goes. Is there a way to collapse that space if there is no image?

You can Change the Visibility of the image component to only be visible if the image is not empty.

@Ben I did that already. That is the 2nd screenshot. The space where the image should be is just blank instead of collapsed.

Hi Scott, when I look at that image on your screen, it looks like the image component is set to always visible. Here’s where you can change it:

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Oh, I see. I was thinking the “don’t show anything” was enough. This makes sense. Thanks for the help.