Hide Image element if there is no image

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Has anyone find a way to hide the image element if there is know image. I am familiar with the show sometimes by setting visibility based on a condition in the database. But none for image.

So to be clear I want the image component hidden if there is no image. Not that I don’t want it show nothing because If I have it with an outline it will still show. So I want the condition to not show the element if there is no image

Can anyone help?

Well it’s the same for images, you can show or disable the visibility based on database also. So :

  • Go to visibility, and set it to “sometimes visible”.
  • Set “will be visible if” to your image’s property in the database.
  • Set it to be “not equal to” Empty.
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Hey @Orlandodon,

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What @Ali-Bazzi mentioned!

Check here : Adalo - Image Visibility with out a rectangle.mp4 on Vimeo ( this video shows to add a visibility condition only for the image component )

And check here too : Adalo - Image Visibility with a rectangle on Vimeo ( this video show that if you have a rectangle behind the image or another component(s) that you group them all together and add the visibility condition )

Thank you

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Hi @dilon_perera yes that worked

I kept setting it to “equal to” don’t know how I missed that lol logic failed me after doing so many things at once.

Thank You

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Thank You @Ali-Bazzi

That is correct. I kept setting it to “equal to” that was m error. Thank you for the help.

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