Image upload hangs on splash screen/ any major system outages?

Hello all, first time posting and looking forward to becoming a fellow positive contributing member to the forum.

Sorry in advance if this is an obvious question as I couldn’t find answer in forum. I’m trying to upload a 8mb png image to my splash screen and make it fill up the entire screen. But when I upload it, it just hangs there never fully uploading. And then for a few seconds, it says offline. Is there a file size limit for the splash?

I’ve tried this on both firefox and chrome.

On a different note, have there been any major outages/system wide issues in last year? If so, what were the best practices/backup workaround solutions to deal with the situation? (for example, working or not working with airtable)

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Synsthslave,

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The best thing to do in this case is to just submit a support ticket.

Thanks @James_App_Maker . Will do

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