Image via URL Not Displaying on One Screen, Fine on Another


On my app’s home screen, I am attempting to display a “Featured/Cover” image via URL. In the Adalo Editor, the image is clearly displayed moments after I enter it’s URL. However, when using Adalo Preview, the image is not displayed at all.

When including the same image on another screen, it displays in both the Editor and Preview just fine, but on the home screen the image is not seen in Preview at all.

The image is arranged in the front and I have attempted everything I can to get it to display (with/without background, with/without rounded corners, smaller size, bigger size, etc.). Under seemingly the exact same circumstances within another screen, the image displays perfectly.

Any suggestions for how to fix this issue? Thank you!

Is the URL for this image coming from a something in the database, or is it just pasted in?

@reburnham I discovered when it is not coming from database it won’t show on the app when it is live, on preview it will show. If you are just doing a PWA it’s fine though it’s like img src in html.

The way I did this is that I made the Cover Image a List of cover images. Then I added a max limit to 1 so I know it will only show 1. For apps you need it to be coming from a db record.

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This worked! Using a list with a max limit of (1) does the trick. Thank you for the assistance!

The URL for the image was from the database. Was able to get it to work in every other case but the one above. What ended up working was the solution by TORCH below – using a list with a max limit of (1). Thank you for your help!

Happy to help, glad it worked.

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