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Hello- sorry if this is a stupid question but I’m completely new to this! I am trying to create an app for my hospital department, mainly displaying internal protocols. A lot of these are flow sheets in PDF format which I have uploaded as an image. Problems -

  1. Some of the writing on these images is quite small, does anyone know if there is a ‘zoom in’ capability on the final app?
  2. When I try and preview the page in question (to check that the resolution of the image looks okay) it just says ‘screen missing’. I have tried various things including re uploading the image etc but it doesn’t change - any ideas?

Many thanks

Hi @robhurford ,

1 - Suggest you use the following approach if you don’t need max file security:

  • Create an “text” field in the collection where image is uploaded.
  • When image is uploaded, in the submission form or what you use to submit, use an action that updates that “text” field, with the “New Image URL”, it will look like “Proton…XX” something, it is how adalo stores Images.
  • On the frontend add a button that points to a url/website and add that Image URL.
  • When user clicks that button he will be sent to the image url itself and will be able to see the image and zoom in/out.
  • Only thing is that image will always be visible through the Adalo Image URL, so not displayed via a container in Adalo app, this creates issue, that URL can be bookmarked and publicly viewed if shared. But then again, a PDF can also be downloaded and saved externally.

2 - I would suggest rebuilding the root screen and making the connection again.

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