Import CSV w/ relationships -- Error

I am trying to upload CSV data to a table. I tested and I can upload the CSV file if there is no foreign key field (relationship field). If I exclude the relationship field, the import works. I had no problems doing this a few months ago. Any suggestions?

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had the same issue some days ago and was not able to resolve it so I did it manually

Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I am importing thousands of records so manual data entry is not practical. I tested importing 10 records and it was unsuccessful. It isn’t a data quality issue. There is definately a matching key in the related table.

I have created a bug report for this one. I have been able to reproduce the issue and narrow it down for the team to resolve this.

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Any updates on this bug?


Any updates? @anon78309838 I need to import a Wordpress database and would appreciate your help on this matter. Thanks!


Seriously need an update on this one.
I’m dealing with a different bug and had to refresh one of my collections by deleting/re-uploading records… and now I’m faced with this issue. It’s a snowball of issues.

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Waiting on this also… resolved?

Yes, the bug is fixed. I imported many rows without a problem.

Thank you for addressing this issue.

Hi Boon2, were you able to upload multiple rows using CSV with relations automatically tagged? I’m not able to upload the relation regardless of one-to-many or many-to-many relation.

Hey Colin,

Is this fixed? I’m still facing this problem during importing