Struggling to Import CSVs w/ Relationships


Rookie Adalo user. I continue to get errors when trying to import CSVs that have a relationship mapped.

I have a spreadsheet with directory-style information (names, street names, addresses, etc). I have Collections for “Households” “Streets” and “People”

  • Streets have many Households
  • Households have many People
  • Ultimately Users will have one Person

I have imported unique street names from my spreadsheet without issue. But when trying to import Households (that map to a streetname) I got an error and had to manually go through and update the street name on each record.

I am certain the street names match the Text “Name” type exactly (ex: ‘Broad St.’), because it’s actually using the same CSV that I used to import the street names.

I have even tried deleting all the records from all collections and re-importing everything without much luck.

Any tips or tricks? Things I could be missing.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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