Importing CSV file with Relational Data?

Is it possible to import a CSV file with relational data?

Each User is in my application has 3 relational data fields:

  1. Multiple “Users” are related to one “Company Information”
  2. Multiple “Users” are related to multiple “Benefits”
  3. Multiple “Users” are related to multiple “Segments”

Application will be used in a B2B setting and would need to upload 100s - 1000s of user accounts at a time and would prefer not to do this manually if possible.

I’ve attempted CSV uploads but it appears to fail when the relational data fields are included.


Update relational collection needs to be inside Adalo, before you import, add id field that can be used to relate to other collection, it needs to be in both collections.

Use nested list to update relational property.

Update relation means adding hidden record, but the interface make us think we replace the content.

Adalo hides relational id, maybe the purpose is to be easier to see in interactive screen, but for batch update, it becomes more difficult, so that is why we need to create our own id before we can update relational property in Adalo’s way.

Thank you @Yongki. Would have not thought of solving in this way but it was very helpful.

I created a “True/False” element and have a section of the app that can only be accessed by an admin. The Many to One relationship was easy as I could create a list of all Users that had needed to be added to a specific “Company Information.” The Many to Many relationships was tough but I created a list of all entries in all the collections then a list of users within each entry within the collection.

Once I was at the user lists I made it so I could click on it to update the User and once updated the user would disappear from the list. This should cut at least 95% time of doing all of this manually.

Thanks again!

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