Problem with upload CSV

Hi all! I had a task to load a list of products (1,500) into the application. I’ve never worked with Adalo before, so I’m a little confused about how to do this better.

All products are collected in the database “Collect”, but there are 3 more related databases “Category”, “Subcategory” and “Gallery” (relationships many to many and the last one is images).

I already realized that this import does not work, but what could be the solution?

Hello, you mean that you’d like to upload a CSV File of a collection that has relationships?

Thank you!

Screenshot by Lightshot - each product has relationships with other DBs and when importing CSV you cannot use connections with other DBs

Each product has its own category and subcategory, but they cannot be selected during import. How can I get around this limitation?

Its a little clear here - Screenshot by Lightshot

Many to many is a hard one.
I have in the past used some kind of list in list setup, that resolves the relationship via text filters and updates it based on a countdown timer. You could maybe do batches of 20 in a list, updating one relationship at a time. It will crash the page from time to time but just reload it. This is just for batch input, not for production grade apps.

You can also commit a many to many relationship via the Collections API.
"relationship_id’: [31,50,67]

You could also ignore the adalo relationships and rely on a second ID field. It’s kind of how External collections work.

How did you do that? Can you write in more detail please?

I saw that there is a solution through Zapier or, but for some reason it didn’t work for me