Impossible to show a file stored in google drive

hi everybody
I make i list of file with a shareable link . all files are stored in ma google drive.
but when I try to use the link in adalo web view , I received an error message 403 forbiden. it’s seem that google drive dont’ allow adalo to access.
some one can help me
best regard

Google Drive will not serve files over http/s. You can use Dropbox and append a tag at the end of the url. Adding raw=1 to a URL will make an https redirect.

(click the photo for the url)

thank you for your solution .
I will try to migrate my file to dropbox and try it
best regards

hi how are you
I try your solution, but when we click on the link , I received a popup screen for download the file. I just want a previsualisation of file, don’t download it.
can you help for that

Sure, I get it. In my post above, do you see the picture, or is it just a link? Because if you see the picture, that means the Dropbox server is serving that URL as an image like any other web server. Clicking the photo should open it in the browser like any other photo. Here, this is the Adalo logo, served by a web server. Same problem?

Hi, thank you for your help
I try with dropbox link and it work; when I chek it on my PC’s browser.

but when check it on my phone ( I check on 2 differents phone), it propose me do download the file

I am very confuse :thinking:
on my PC browser ( Brave browser) no problem, but on phone there a bug, the file is not preview.
thanks in advance

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