Limiting access to uploaded files - Google Drive if possible

New here, newbie alert :slight_smile:
As far as I can tell, when when a user upload files via the “file picker” button, they are easily accessed via a URL.
Is there a way to “skip” Adalo’s native storage and save straight to a restricted Google Drive under a Google Workspace domain?
If not, how do you tackle sensitive data? Our data cannot remain on an unsecure/publicly accessible storage.

The Adalify file uploader allows you to connect your own Amazon S3 storage, as well as some other cool features. This allows you to be setting all of your own security rules on Amazon S3.
This is my own service if you have any questions about it.

Alternatively, you could pass the Adalo Image URL to your own storage for example via Integromat - however, the old image link may persist on the Adalo URL (according to some other forum threads I saw).

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