In app purchase problem in Android

I did all nessesary steps for in apps, upload apk for internal testing in Android. The app always load Error screen then I press button “Purchase”. I can’t understand the reason of error because have not log file or something.
How to know the reason of it problem?
What can I do to fix this bug?

hey @andrey

in the ‘error’ action of the component, there is a magix text called ‘error code’. Could you save this in your adalo db and post it here? It should give us some details on what exactly the problem is.

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@andrey that error means it can’t find the SKU, so something with the communication with google play.

Did you already set up the payments settings in the play developer console?

Settings > Developer account > Payment settings

@yelkhayami I can’t see this section of menu because of my role restriction. My client fills in this forms. Can you show me instraction or check list for this section?

hey @andrey,

I’ts really a straightforward process, just ask your client to add a payment method. There will be a big button there ‘add payment method’ that takes you to a form that looks like this.

There they enter the bank account they wish to receive the money on from in app purchases (see below)

Please try this and let me know how it went :slight_smile:

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