In app purchase

Hello just wanted to ask if the in-app purchase work for subscription?

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PragmaFlow has a component for this: PragmaFlow Adalo Toolkit

It’s called IAPHUB.

Can you tell me how to set it up more better because I tried but it is not working

Did you follow the tutorial video?

Yes but he hardly show how to do all the custom action but i just wanted to ask if the subcription with this rally work before i tried again

Can you explain what you mean? Which custom action are you referring to?

Please note that i already did alll the purchae succesful action just wanna know how to do the when purchase stated and also when i clicked on it nothing shows up and also how to set up the user id

You’re able to get the purchase to come back as successful? If so, that’s great.

The custom actions are really based on what you want to happen next. So… What do you want to happen next?

In most situations, you can simply add a True/False parameter to the Users database and call it something like “Paying customer”. You can add an “Update > Logged-in user” action that sets the paying customer parameter to true. Then, you can add another link to a confirmation screen below that action.

But if it is not working what should I do?

That is not descriptive enough. What is not working? Again, what do YOU want to happen next?

Please show screenshots of your current actions and explain exactly what you want to happen.

Ok I will share the screenshot right now please note that I already updated all the screenshot,but my problem is the purchase is not clicked able at all and nothing is pulling up

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