In-App Purchases - Subscriptions (beta) - custom action


I have implemented the new subscription component to my app.
When customer subscribes, I use the custom action (as explain in the guide) to verify the receipt put I can’t get back the expiration date nor the others information.

Is it because of test flight or did I do something wrong ?
And if so, how can I check where it’s not working ?

thank you for your help


You are not getting the info both on iOS and Android?

I’m experiencing a similar issue. In my case, I still can’t get the Android info. But for iOS, everything works fine.

haven’t try with Android yet.
I have other issue on this side and can’t run the closed test (issue being myself that is not used to the google play console :sweat_smile:)

So when you try in test flight you get the right information from apple ? hmm meaning I am doing something wrong but can’t see what :thinking:

Yes, on iOS I’m getting all the info, including purchase and expiration dates.

Even “platform” from “digital platform” returns empty information on my side

You run a first time your custom action then update your user ?
are you using the same custom action for android and apple ? or two separate ?

I followed the document to the letter, so yes, I run “Verify receipt” and then update the user.

And yes, it’s the same custom action for both platforms. As you will see from the Android documentation. :wink:

I followed step by step too for Apple and Android. At this point I am starting to doubt my reading skills so I explore everything :smile:
I’ll continue my research, thank you for your answer.
Keep you informed if I find something

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Hey guys, just to add there’s a problem with the Billing Library on Android for the subscriptions beta. When you upload the .aab or .apk you will likely see this error. I believe Adalo are working on a new Subscriptions component built from the ground up - though no ETA just yet.



So that’s why on Android the “Verify receipt” custom action is not returning information?

still not working on my side with Apple. Is there anyone I can contact for help ?

Very possible. I had to abandon it as it simply isn’t accepted by Google Play anymore as it’s a deprecated billing library. It needs to be updated. I believe its top of the list from my support tickets to be fixed, then possibly with the new component on its way. Though I would suggest you both submit a ticket also.

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In the IAP Beta Docs Overview there is a “new” document called: (UPDATED) Check if Android Subscription are Active with a Custom Action
Do you use this one or the old one ?

Do you have a look at the new IAPHUB component? It can be the solution.