In app purchases not working on app store

Hi there! I recently finished my app and it was approved on the app store. The problem now is that many people signed up yesterday on my app and tried making a purchase. I keep getting processing or error in my database. I decided to let someone test and I realized that they were able to get my products FREE. I am not sure what’s going on but no money was deducted from their account and they got access to my digital product. So right now I’m not sure what’s the problem. I tested my app in test flight and everything was working perfectly. I contacted apple developer support and they assume the problem is in my app. Does anyone know or have experienced something like this?

Well the wrong thing you did is that yyou suppose to lauch the app and see if the purchase i working mostlikily it is in your app can you uplaod screenshot for me to see please

My app was tested before it was launched, It was approved and tested after as well. after being online I saw the problem when people actually starting purchasing and no money were deducted from their accounts.

Well what I recommend is you redo all the if and see what you miss and do all in app purchase again and you should of use the in app purchase to purchase stuff to see what will happen that what I do I use the in-app purchase component and purchase stuff to see if it is working

Okay I will try that and see if it work. Thank you

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