Apple in app purchase

@Flawless @theadaloguy Please can you guys help me here is a screenshot

Also apple has not approved my in app purchase

I have yet to publish but I believe apple doesn’t let you purchase physical goods (rentals including) via Apple Pay. Only digital goods that have no real out of pocket cost to acquire such as a song or a video of some sort, or maybe even unlocking a specific feature or coins in those scamming “win real money” games.

I may be wrong on this, if so, please let me know.

Apple pay is different to in app purchases. Right now there isn’t a way to use apple pay I believe

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Did you test on testflight first? It looks like the component isn’t working / not set up correctly

No i just did the build and upload it for review after it finish processing but i have added the product id let hope that fix it

Did you fix this? Im having the same problem. Android purchase works fine but apple keeps getting me an error

It has been acceted for the app store but yet it is not working on the app

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