In-app purchases - quantity change

Hi, has anyone used android in app purchase function? I’m interested how you embed quantity information through Adalo?

I have set up IAP several times. For my e-commerce stuff, I usually have 3 number parameters for order items. Item price, quantity, and subtotal. Item price is just the price of the product, quantity is the number of items, and the subtotal is the price multiplied by the quantity.

I then send the subtotal as the amount to collect.

i also have quantity parameter in adalo database but because google console request input only price per product code under buy button where do you include quantity item?

Ah, my apologies. I don’t believe it’s possible to implement quantities with IAP since IAP is mainly for “digital” products and not physical ones. My mistake.

See screenshot:

Emphasis on the “Single Use” (Digital Purchases for In-App Purchases - Adalo Resources)

The method I explained works well with the Stripe component as it can take a total instead of individual products by product id.