In App Tipping not allowed anymore?

So Apple is telling me in-app tipping now must run on IAP and cannot use Stripe… so I have to create an in-app currency that can be purchased with real money and tipped to instructors that way. WTF?

Yeah. Apple wont let you have any 3rd party payments at all.

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@Bobby this frustration is not aimed at you, but I have to drop an f-bomb here: How the fuck is Clubhouse doing it? Is it a special deal?

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Yeah, no worries.

I’m not sure what Clubhouse is, but i’m sure there is some loophole they have found.

I dont know your specific situation and how you tried to implement it.

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Clubhouse is a social audio app, people join “rooms” and listen to people speaking “on stage”, and people “on stage” can invite people from the “audience” to the “stage” to be a speaker. Everyone in Clubhouse is an equal user, and can connect Stripe to their account. When they do this, other users can tip them via Stripe. I have no idea how they’re getting away with it.

My app is

It’s not like Clubhouse but is similar to in in that there are students and there are instructors. I want instructors to pair their stripe account to their user account so that students can tip them electively.

I don’t know how the hell I can use IAP for this scenario because it would require (I think) that I collect the payments and then divvy them up and send them to the correct instructor… which seems impossibly convoluted. I don’t want that liability. @Bobby

Apple reviews a huge amount of apps a day. They don’t have time to really absorb the app, so when the see something they think is wrong they reject it. Your next step is to file an appeal with apple and explain that you are not tipping digital content creators, you are tipping people for non-digital content.


I have a call with them this week… the delay is frustrating as heck. Because if they shoot me down on the call I’ve wasted time waiting for them to do so…

Hey tanner, thanks for bringing up this question.

This question left me scratching my head for years…as an indie guy, it’s hard to find answers in the sea of digital content when you are nobody yet only the corporates have the answers.

Other than Clubhouse, Tiktok also has a tipping feature. I always wondered how it could be done since 2016.

So would you consider switching to Apple from Stripe for in-app tipping then from now on? Is that even possible? Would love to hear and see from you doing it actually

TikTok, from my small amount of research, tips via items. Someone buys an item and tips the item. The item is then worth some amount of money that the creator can collect. I don’t believe it’s direct tipping.

Hopefully they let you pass.

Collecting and distributing money isnt something I would want to be a part of either.

I would say as a last resort you could MAYBE have a button that says donate, and that button links to the users PayPal or something? I dont know if that would even pass though.

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