InfiniteUp: Digitizing African Informal Retailers at Scale

Feedback appreciated!


Cool project! My first suggestion is that the timer for the opening screen needs to be a bit longer. I didn’t even have time to see where the English text was and my swahili is a bit dusty :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback.

That screen is there just if the users internet is turned off and they get stuck, it’s not an animation.

I’d love Adalo to be able to create actions based off of if internet connectivity is active or inactive, IE be able to have a pop up when internet connectivity isn’t connected. Would also be nice for Adalo to be able to refresh when internet comes back, right now that app just freezes and needs to be shut down then reopened.

In Africa, users often use internet like a light switch, they leave it off then just turn it on when they need it.

My Kinyarwanda is better than my Swahili…

Please consider adding that suggestion to our feature requests:

I really like it. You may want to do the few onboarding screens anyways right away - even though its an option at first they end up seeing it when they click sign-up.

It reminded me these guys ( and with a concentration in any region, I think you’ll do really well. And you can partner with UN here by helping a region in one of their goals:

Thank you! I’m familiar with SDG’s. Goal right now is to just build user base.

Hi @oivaizmir, wanted to check out your app but I can’t get passed this screen :thinking:


If you refresh you should get around this issue.

What’s happening is that I am creating a login registration for you, with an email address of the current This allows me to have you as a ‘logged in’ user, then registration is about updating the account instead of creating a new account.

If a user was to come at the exact same time, then this error would occur. I assumed it unlikely that two new users would come at the same time, as the clock calculates to the second, but I am happy to see the issue occur.

I saw some talk about a random number generator in the forums, I will try to use that instead of the time as a way to make a unique session ID.

Thanks for identifying the issue, and please do try again and tell me your experience.

You might have to try in private browser if you’re somehow cached to the current time login, that is already existing.

Very nice. Are you planning to integrate it with mobile money payments? That’s the primary way in which most people pay here. I’ve done integration with MPesa and Flutterwave on other apps with Adalo

Yes it’s working now :blush:

Adding a unique key as a “session_Id” is a more stable approach.
Here’s a video from @victor explaining this :point_down:

I would also suggest adding a “Register later” link to your flow so you can let users get a feel of your app before giving personal information.

Keep up the good work!

Victor’s videos are a great resource! Thanks for the share!