Unable to get past the first screen!


I’ve just started building an app but when I preview it I can’t get past the first screen… The login just spins and never actually completes… Is this just how Adalo is?

I bill my clients by the hour… It would be quicker and cheaper at this pace to just code a native app…

Any details on this would be appreciated

Hey man, did you use the regular signup form or did you build one by yourself?

Welcome to the forums.

Is this just how Adalo is?

Of course not.

Please can you give some further details about the issue you are experiencing and I will try to debug the cause with you.

Hey guys thanks for the reply… Not sure what was going on but it loaded just fine this morning… I haven’t changed anything apart from resetting my computer, possibly a browser cache issue?

Anyways it’s all running fine now!

Great! :slight_smile:

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