Info about roadmap, and actions limit

Hi everyone i’ve some questions for the Adalo’s team:

1- Export code: The function request come back in june 2020 so (30months ago) and has 400 upvote but the feature isn’t available yet. For when it will be available? I don’t see it in the roadmap.

2- About actions limit… I don’t understand how actions are counted. I’ve found this App Actions Dashboard - Adalo Resources but seem impossible that “external link”, “link to another screen”, “tigger notifications” and API calls count ad actions!

30000 actions are enough for like 3 users in specifics type of apps… can someone clarify to me how it could be possible?

If basically every screen tap (and not only because if for example a button of submit form to create a new record also link to another popup that has the role to update some informations this qill consume 4 actions) is counted an action is impossible to sustaine the cost…

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I would also like an update on this topic. People will change pages alot in my app and 30,000 is way to low. even 1 million actions per month is questionable if enough users use the app.

This is a very interesting topic! Is there anybody answering from the Adalo Team?