Limited Monthly Actions

The new Adalo plans mention limited number of actions in a month. What is considered as an “action” and why are these so limited. Is there any workaround as it seems very unrealistic and do these actions apply to each application or in total?

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Hey Aryan,

This link should be useful. It includes what counts as an action and what does not.


Can anyone from the Adalo team help me understand the logic behind this limitation? Being an Adalo user since over a year this makes no sense to me and especially the fact that even just linking to another screen is considered an action! Adalo was known to be cost friendly but doesn’t seem so anymore


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I have forwarded this question to the Adalo team. Just as an FYI, @jessehaywood no longer works for Adalo.

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Read this post: Revised Pricing Plans

@David went into great detail explaining.