Inputs lost after 2 screen transitions

Hello, and thanks in advance for the help!

I’m building an app for a startup, and my flow is the following:

  1. User sets some filters for a search (2 dropdowns and 2 dates for an interval)
  2. User clicks “search” and a transition happen to another page with a list
    a. this list is filtered by what was set in 1.
  3. User can see a preview of the items
  4. User can go back.

The problem, when the user goes back from a preview of an item after the search, the search inputs disappear, so now the list of the search has ALL the items of the database.

I can’t attach a video showing it, so here is a link to a drive with it.

hey there!

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could you provide a screenshot of the filters you have for the second screen?


Hey Kevin! Thanks for answering.
Sure, I’m attaching it:

Both filters look kind of the same but they are:
Desde - is equal to - Other components -> Inicio -> Desde -> Name
Hacia - is equal to - Other components -> Inicio -> Hacia -> Name

Hi @arnaldojvg,

Have faced the same issue! : Filter with dropdowns

I guess using User collection properties would be good. But not sure if this is a bug. Maybe @Adalo_CXTeam can confirm? ( Just thought to taging @Victor too, to see what he might think because he’s a legend using Adalo and I think he would have a great answer for this )

Thank you

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