Selected filter is cleared when go back page

Hello Adalo team and other users!

Can I get the same result in the following situations? :
A. select some filter and click search button.
B. after A, click a filterd item and move its detail page, then go back filtered item page.

In my app, B shows all items on linked table. I have no idea why selected filter is cleared.

To select “new” (“新規” on this picture) category and click magnifying glass button.
Then I get some new customer.

To click the pencil icon and go its detail’s page.
Next click back button, previous page’s results are changed.

Does anybody have an idea?

Best regards.

Hello. :wave:
This is expected behaviour. The input values are cleared.
You could store the values in the user table, set that as the default value of the input and provide a clear button.

Your list then filters based on the user values not input values.


Additional details about filter:

Why selected filter is cleared on B’s situation?

The search page keeps to have the same filter item.

  1. click search button
  2. click back button
  3. show search page

The search page doesn’t have any filter items.

  1. click search button
  2. click edit button
  3. click back button (go back previous page)
  4. click back button (go back previous page)
  5. show search page

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