Instagram like feed based social media to share/recommend songs

Hi all, I want to create a social media app, with a feed just like Instagram, for sharing songs. A feed for recommendations.

Every time i like a song or video and want to recommend it to my friends, I have to share it with them via chat individually, there’s no social media platform to follow people based on the music they share and recommend.

The way it would work is, when a user shares a song from any music streaming app, it will be displayed on the feed like an Instagram post, and you will have the option to listen to it on the music streaming service of your choice.

People will be able to comment, like and repost.

Can this be done on Adalo?

Thanks in advance!

Hey, in case you want to create a social media app, there is a lot of stuff you should know about, for example, what types of social media apps exist (Social Networks, Media Sharing Networks, Discussion Forums, Content Sharing Networks, etc.), or what features are essential for social media app - signup, user profile, search, news feed, chat, add post, push notifications.