Need Guidance on How to build a link sharing, chat and social aspect in Adalo

Hello community!

I am new to Adalo and wanted to ask for guidance on whether Adalo is the right tool for me to use to build an MVP. Here is what we want the MVP to do:

  1. Users are invited into the app
  2. Users can share spotify , soundcloud and youtube links
  3. Users find other users in the app to follow and see/listen to the links they post in that users feed.
  4. Users can create a group and invite other users to have a joint feed of link sharing
  5. Users can chat in the feeds

Bonus item if users can talk to each other without video on somehow…

Can you let me know your thoughts and if its possible, what resources, steps I should take to try to get this done. I can spend up to 4 hours to knock out an MVP.

Hi Anil, most of these sound very possible.

For soundcloud etc links this article may be your solution for embedding in the app-

There isn’t a voice chat or video chat feature inside the app, but text chat is very easily done.

I don’t think you’ll knock out an MVP in Adalo in 4 hours though if you are learning the platform at the same time. This is maybe doable if you are experienced but I’d expect you to spend much longer given you need to learn the platform. You will have to spend some hours becoming familiar with the platform.

Try to just start building it and find resources and ask questions for specific problems. Learn by doing is best. Good luck with the project :slight_smile:

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Thank you sir. I will give it a shot and report back!

I tried but not sure this is a fit now…

Ive leveraged the facebook clone template and what Im trying to do is allow users to paste youtube, soundcloud links and be able to click play all within the app. the end result is a feed that everyone can interact with…

i tried the embedded link method in preview but the links still dont render…

appreciate any further ideas.

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