Instead of using IAPHUB?

Does anyone know if you can get around the 30% that Apple charges for In App Purchases by setting up purchases from your website that then use Zapier to update a True/ False field in Adalo to give paying members access to premium features in your App?
Jason D.

I don’t think the apple fee applies to real services such as rides. I can’t say for sure because I’ve never submitted a ride share app, but I think you’ll be OK.

No, I am talking about the monthly subscription fee for the drivers. Instead of. having them signup using the app I would have them signup from a website and then update a collection in the adalo DB, make sense? Would that work

Hey @Lynk,

From technical point of view, that’s completely possible.

From Apple’s moderation point of view, this will depend on how you can prove that your app will fall under 3.1.3 section here: App Store Review Guidelines - Apple Developer.

I had an experience with one customer who did something like this. But in his case the web platform had a separate functionality. I can’t share the details due to NDA but imagine that “manager” signs up and pays on the web, and then invites “employees” to download the app and sign up using the code. Functionality was 85% the same but as “manager” had access to dashboards & etc., we managed to prove to Apple that purchases can be done by card, not by IAP.
So this case went under 3.1.3(f) section. Not sure how this could be done in your case though - maybe you could prove that your app is a free “companion” to the web platform, or you can try to explore other options.


Yeah, I sota discovered this yesterday and was starting to think it was not possible. I am going to read more on the guidelines and see what it says. Thanks, Victor. I appreciate you taking the time to explain it to me.

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Victor, have a look.This is interesting. Apple's Court-Ordered Changes To App Store Preserve Its Cut of Sales Revenue.


It’s kind of blurry now :expressionless:.
Apple has one modifications for US, another for EU, third for other countries… I still can’t build the full picture, especially that Apple’s been ordered to allow external payments but Apple still takes their cut from the external payments (than what’s the reason for using them? in-app are easy and reliable) and also how can Apple control the amount (developers can provide fake data?).

Are courts still underway or it’s a final one?


External payment = 27% to Apple v 30% in app :rofl:

From what I understand and have been able to read, it is on Appeal because of the 27% rate. The plaintiff’s are saying that they rate of 27% is bad faith on Apple’s part so I guess we will see. At the end of the day, I think if Apple should lose the case outright, they just turn around charge what ever they want to list the App in the App store

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