Integration for Voice Chat

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Would just like to check if Adalo allows integrations with Agora’s SDK in order to have voice calls?

Have a look.

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Another question too, where is the Database stored? Is it external eg Backendless? Or internal?


Hi Troy,

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For the Voice Calls, you probably would have to make a custom component for it, if it’s possible.

The Database is stored internally, there is a “sheets” icon on the left side panel where the database is.

I would suggest watching the below videos about getting started and setting up a collection in a database.


I’ve developed a video call component for Adalo that works well on web and mobile devices.

If you’d like early access and to influence the direction of this video call component, you can request it here: There’s also a demo video available there.

The problem with some of the iframe/webview solutions I’ve proposed on these forums in the past is that they don’t play nicely with Android and iOS.


Congratulations! :clap:
Amazing! Very interesting!