Connecting two Adalo apps

I’m in need of two Adalo mobile apps that talk to each other. And two web apps that talk to each other. The web apps and the mobile apps also need to communicate. The first web/mobile apps host small business owners it allows them to operate their business, manage orders and connect with clients. The other mobile/web apps is the client end. It hosts all the clients every business owner has it allows clients to place their orders and connect to a specific business owner.

My question, how do I make 2+ Adalo mobile & web apps communicate with each other. Eventually I’ll need a third mobile & web apps as these business owners would need a platform for their employees to work with.

I already know about the shared database option but would I also need to have external databases collections? If so, how do I obtain the necessary information to make that work?

Following this posting … thanks. mary

for external database collection you can use Airtable or Xano through custom actions (APIs)

but I believe the share database is more than enough, I am working on a project with 3 mobile apps and 3 web apps all working with 1 database collection, and it is working fine

I’m currently trying out the shared database set up. Can users connect with other users this way? I have a 1- many. 1 user(business owner) can have many users(clients)

yes sure that will work