Integromat Adalo Record ID, change property of all users


I know this probably a pretty basic question, but I’m still very new to Integromat :slight_smile:

Here’s the situation:
I want Integromat to update a property of every user. It’s a true/false property and I want Integromat to set this property to “false” every 24h. I set the Connection to the “Users” Collection but now I don’t know what I need to set the Record ID to. What do I have to write if I want Integromat to change the Records of all users? And am I doing this the right way?

Thank you!
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Hi @Florian,

You’re not doing it correctly - this updates a single record, and you need to know its ID :slight_smile:

You need to set up something like 3-step flow in Integromat: GET ALL → Iterator → Update.

Some time ago I was experimenting with mass update via Intergomat, this is an unlisted video on YouTube which you might find useful:
Of course you don’t need to replicate everything there - this is just for the reference how the things could be set up.

Not a basic question, btw :wink:

Best regards, Victor.

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Hi Victor,

Thank you for the video! But I would need a more detailed walk-through… How do I set up the “GET ALL” step? With a webhook? And in your video the scenario is activated when a record is created, but I need Integromat just to update the specific property of every user to false every 24 hours. The whole scenario is a little bit confusing… If you have time, please give me a more detailed instruction. Sorry, still new to Integromat :wink:

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Hi @Florian,

Sorry, I’m a bit busy at the moment and don’t really have time to create a separate video for this. May be some day I will do it, I have it in the todo list :slight_smile:

Answering your questions:

  • In Integromat, you can GET ALL either with custom HTTP request, or with Adalo component “List Records” component. Don’t forget to increase the limit.
  • Also, there is a possibility in Integromat to trigger the events based on time. Each scenario start with this (wehbook-based modules are exception). You can see a “watch” on the module, and set it up. To explore more, I’d suggest googling about Integromat scheduling (first 2-3 articles based on keywords “integromat scheduled events”)
  • Then you put Iterator, which processes the output of “Adalo List Records” module
  • And then you put “Adalo Update a Record” module.

Best regards, Victor.

Hi Victor,

No problem, thank you so much! Your instructions helped me a lot. One last question: At the “Update Record”-Module what do I have to insert into “Record ID”? Or how can I insert all record IDs so that the property of all users gets updated?

Best regards,

Hi @Florian,

You need to take Record ID from the “List Records” module resulting data.
You can’t update all records in one action, you need to perform the update iteratively. Integromat does that for you with its “Iterator” module.

  • step 1: get all records from an Adalo collection (List Records module)
  • step 2: iterate these records one by one (Iterator)
  • step 3: update the data in a record (Update Record), given the RecordID from the step 1.


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Update (decided to unlock this topic to add correct info): when Adalo “List Records” is used, Iterator is not needed. A filter with the desired parameters could be used instead.

Iterator is needed when HTTP module (Adalo Get All) need to be processed.

Keeping this here for next viewers :slight_smile: