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Hello every one,

I am attempting to update an order record in the following workflow after an order :

The webhook is triggered when clicking on a dowload label button which send data about sender and recipient for that specific order. I would like to update that current order with id label created in the create a parcel moule.I would like to know if I have to use manual id for the order and send it with other datas in the webhook.

One more thing, how can I manage to get the download that way ? Trough label URL or is there a way to download just that way ?

Thanks a lot

Hi @chrl,

Unfortunately, Adalo does not expose RecordIDs publicly (i.e. for app makers) for some unknown reason. There are various workarounds for this.

In my experience, I usually use the following approach:

  • add a property in the collection, call it, for example, NameID. For each record the value should be unique.
  • pass the value of this property via the Custom Action call
  • immediately after webhook, put List Records module
  • after this module, put a filter so that NameID from the record is equal to the value passed in the webhook.
    With this you will get one record, which you can update later.

This is not a perfect solution, especially for very large collections - but t

There are several long thread about various ways to access RecordIDs. For example:

If you call your custom action with a button - have a look at the solution by Steven @TKOTC, it can be useful: A Button that gives the Record Id


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