Internal server error

Can’t acess my app.

( i know i should send ticket but in my experience we can get to the team faster here)

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Hey @AfonsoMarques so sorry about this. We know exactly what the problem is and we’re currently fixing it. Should be fixed soon.

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Thanks for the anwser, now i can log in
but i lose all the data from tomorrow, all the orders and non made receipts are gone.

What is happening? @David

I have orders made yesterday for today that cannot be delivered because i don’t know any data from them. Please help, i have my 3 employees at home waiting.

Hey @David I might be having a similar problem.

I have a mobile app built in Adalo with a @xano external collection for login. I can login and logout fine.

But then, I created a new web app using the same external collection already saved in Adalo.
When I try to login using the same email and password, I get an “Internal Server Error” alert.
Is this the same problem? Or, do I need to redo the external collection login setup for the new web app?

Thanks for any help

@valentine you’ll need to do the external collections setup for the new WebApps for it to work.

Technically it’s a new app altogether using beta external collections

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