Adalo - Xano issue with Login/Signup

Hi guys,

I have been struggling with this issue for 4 days now (I have read all the other threads and guides but nothing helped). Every day I create a fresh new DB in Xano and fresh new app in Adalo and connect them according to the instructions. The day I create the app, everything works as a charm. I can sign up new users and log in with their credentials (in Xano, I can see that records are created).

However, always the next day it stops working. I start getting “Login failed” / “Signup failed” messages but in Xano, records are still being created (or users are logging in). I have made a quite detailed video of the issue.. It’s really weird that the day I create the app, it works. And the day after it stops working…maybe something with authtoken or some other token expiration. I really have no clue and need to resolve this really soon. I have tried to delete cache and cookies, it didn’t help.

I hope that video helps you to understand the issue and my setup (which is pretty basic). Do you have any idea how to resolve it? I assume the issue is on Adalo side as the records are coming in to Xano just fine…

Thank you in advance!

It seems that I finally resolved it now BUT we will see tomorrow. There was an issue with my endpoint GET /user/userid where there was a bug with one of the responses.

First, it’s weird because the cause of the error was unique with this app (didn’t occur in previously set up Xano DBs ). Although, I was getting Login/Signup failed messages as well.

Second, the error was there from yesterday and started to occur just today.

It seems to be working well now but as said, it might change over night :smiley: If I don’t appear here again tomorrow, it has started to work well…keep fingers crossed!

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