My app crashed after installing it from google play store. (Not solve since 10/Aug/22)

Hi apparently my message became a personal message (it’s weird) but I’m trying to let the community know if they can help me.

I share a screenshot in case you could help me.

Looks like the same thing is happening to me.

Can you help me understand… they suggested you change the admob id. But when I read the thread, I see that you tried it but it didn’t work.

I have a clue on mine, though. I’m going to go dig into this and see if it’s a lead. Here is what I just discovered:

In the Admob component on existing pages, all the id’s are there just the way I originally set it up. But in some (or all) of the new pages I recently added, the “Admob Android Ad ID” is completely blank. For these new pages, I created them by copying an existing page.

So my theory is that copying the page omits that value. And hopefully that’s the “bug” that we’re seeing.

I’ll take a stab at updating all my pages accordingly and see if that makes a difference.

Just like many things in Adalo, it’s super frustrating when things go wrong to get actionable intel from the app or platform. I hope my response is something that might help you.

Hey @deetee thanks for sharing.

All my Admob components has the full information and i just changed every Admob Ad ID by creating new Ads blocks from my Admob admin page but didnt work. (Admob App ID needs to be the same)


This is the report from Android Vitals that i shared in the ticket thread but no one has response yet, you can look for it on your google console to compare the error.

Okay, that is interesting. What in your console report pointed you toward admob settings?

So, to give you an update. I checked each page that as admob on it. The “new” pages (created by copying older pages) ALL seemed to have the android ad id missing!

But that’s not all. In some cases, the iOS ad id was wrong. It was showing Android ad id instead! So I’m guessing when the page was copied, the values don’t land in the right spots. I’m imagining some XML or json parsing and un-parsing going on behind the scenes, but I don’t know.

Now, is this the cause of my issue? I don’t know. I’m generating a new build right now. I’ll check in and let you know. Either way, this needed to be fixed. But hopefully that’s all related.

No the report is not pointed to Admob settings, but adalo support suggested that it was the problem for that reason I shared with them the android vitas report because I think it is not an Admob problem as they suggest.

About what you say about your problem you must have all the necessary information in the component for it to work.

What I will do is that I will save a version with the new IDs that I generated and I will delete all the Admob components to create a new built and I will let you know.

Update: I Removed all my Admob componentes and still crashing.

Sorry to hear this.

Is this a new phenomenon, or am I just now hearing about it because I searched for it? If it’s a new thing sweeping through the community, then hopefully Adalo knows, or can figure out, what’s happening here. I’ll submit my support ticket now.

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I just made a new re-built with any change on the app (the version with no Admob components) and the .APK works fine after installing directly in my android phone.

I will make a new production on google play and will let you know if it works.

Update: The new version has been published on google play and now the app works correctly but with no Admob component on it.

Next step: Find a solution for the Admob component.

Not solve yet… day 5

Not solve yet… day 6.

Still happening to me. The support rep tried it and it doesn’t crash for him. So he suggested I reinstall, which of course I’ve done a ton of times. But until they can recreate it, I don’t have any way of tracking this down.

What is the best way to troubleshoot a native app that originated from adalo? I feel helpless right now.

@deetee Ask them for the .apk they built to try on your phone.

In my case the support just say they will continue “debugging” and nothing more…
and @Adalo_CXTeam doesn’t answer the messages I sent after they made my topic a private message is very strange.

I will keep waiting for a PRO PLAN user support :wink:.

The APK is the same as mine. We are both using the one I posted to my play store page.

Send me the google play link to your app by DM i will try to install it on my device.

Today error trying to install from .APK

Not solve yet… day 7.

I faced the same problem today.
Is this a problem for many people?

It’s a very important issue.
If the Adalo developer team doesn’t fix it by the end of this week, I’m thinking of sending a ticket.

Hi @Hideo i think you better send a ticket right now because the support isn’t fast.

I faced this problem since 8 days ago.

Now the app crash with no admobs component on it. :cry:

Pfff no support from Adalo.

Well it happened again… private message closed after it wasn’t me who opened it.

And since i didnt have the chance to respond because you closed the message I’ll have to post it here.

-It’s 8 days since it’s not resolved, I never said 8 days since I received support… (well today 9 days)
-I have communicated by mail as you mentioned, but the ticket is still open and no one has given me feedback since August 16.
-I have even shared information from google console via email as a follow up to my ticket and no one has responded.

I will continue to wait for support to give me feedback and let me know when the problem will be solved.

Thanks for the support.