Introducing TaskTaker Groups

It is my pleasure to introduce our team’s second app, “TaskTaker Groups”, approved and available at Google Play and the App Store! This app allows experts, participating in a closed group, to document work or life tasks, and to receive occasional feedback from others on the steps outline for the tasks. The intent is to create a social task repository that will be useful in organizations, and support better onboarding and task standardization.
All part of the effort my company takes towards “organizational betterment”.
We will release a version that does not rely on groups to empower broad social task documentation imminently.

Please add the direct links Todd :slight_smile:

App Store: ‎TaskTaker Groups on the App Store
Google Play:

It looks good, I tried to download from the store but it sau this app is not available in your country. I am in Saudi Arabia.

Is the country availability done by you or by google play? Because when itry to upload I never see any country limitation in google play, if google play filtering that, on what base they do that?

Hi, Ahmadjaber:

There is a selection framework for countries to be included in app marketing. Because the app is English only, I was fairly selective towards countries with a lot of English being spoken. I apologize, I did not select Saudi Arabia – but on next update, will do that.

I have a few more apps to push, so maybe they will let me make that adjustment quickly.