Introducing GroupLearn

It is my pleasure to introduce our team’s next app, “GroupLearn”. This wonderful new app allows the sharing of group wisdom by both documenting “things learned”, and allows everyone in the group (and that could be a workgroup, a team, some friends) review each other’s learnings and offer support, comments and suggestions.
You’ll find it here:
App Store: ‎GroupLearn on the App Store
Google Play:

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Congrats on the launch Todd!

How has the first week been?

This app will move slowly. As you know, it’s often all about marketing - and we aren’t pushing it all that heavily at this point, it is part of a suite of products, and will be promoted that way.
That said, if any fellow Adalo aficionados are keen to give it a spin, see what it can do to support social learning within a team or group, we’d be delighted for the insight and use!